The Floral Field Trip was born from an idea of connecting America’s flower farmers with professional floral designers. As designers there is a rich opportunity to highlight each region’s most beautiful flowers and foliages year round. Seasonality happens throughout the country, 365 days, 12 months a year.  This means, if you look close enough, there is always something blooming! But without the knowledge of each region’s growing pattern, a designer is left to source what grows seasonally in their own region while admiring different parts of the United States from afar!

Admire from afar no more! This is where The Floral Field Trip comes in.


We want to empower business owners to be able to procure in a whole new way. With intentionality and with confidence.

By connecting these two worlds within our own industry, our hope is that not only will more designers buy and support America’s flower farmers, but a new conversation will take place. One that betters our industry and changes the way flowers are bought. We want to bridge relationships and build stronger communication and expectations. Big picture - We want to make the buying process more transparent, more convenient, and more accessible to everyone.



not sure TFFT is for you?

Ask yourself these questions.

1. Are you a professional flower designer?

2. Do you care about where your flowers are grown and by whom?

3. Does quality matter to you and your client?

4. Are you struggling to know where to source flowers and foliage from outside of your local community?

5. Do you wish your wholesaler provided you with more American grown options?

6. Would you like to have more choices when it comes to buying flowers and foliage throughout the entire year?

7. Do you have a desire to connect with America’s flower farmers?

8. Do you value building a supportive community around you and your business?

9. Would you like to understand each flower’s seasonality across the United States?

10. Would you like to elevate your design style by using unique varieties?

11. Would you like to build a larger network of resources to be able to source from?

12. Are you ready to put in the hard work to make change within your business today?